Our Conviction

Feeding people in need is at the heart of our mission!

Sometimes, people need a helping hand to overcome life's difficulties. That's where our organization comes in. Under the leadership of Sarah Nambukarawasam, our team works hard to provide food and a range of valuable social assistance programs to support our community.

"Ensuring people's nutrition, from the earliest age, makes for a healthy population. "

Sarah Nambukarawasam


Our History


Foundation of Youville Sharing House

LMPY was founded by Sister Thérèse Lahaie of the Grey Nuns Congregation of Montreal and Jacqueline Vézina, who works at the Carrefour d'éducation populaire in Pointe-St-Charles.

1984 to 1997

Independent management of the food bank

The organisation is run autonomously by nuns from the Grey Nuns Congregation.


First lay director hired

Later, several nuns continued to sit on the Board of Directors.


End of religious affiliation for the food bank

The Grey Nuns withdrew to devote themselves to the various tasks of their community.


New director for the food bank: Sarah NAMBUKARAWASAM

Sarah NAMBUKARAWASAM, a single mother living in Pointe Saint-Charles, is taking over La Maison du Partage d'Youville.

April 2021

Developing a partnership with BNP

Sarah is developing a partnership with BNP, a bank that sends us volunteers every week and is funding the charity's new fresco.


Developing a partnership with Boulangerie Mollo

The Boulangerie Mollo, located in Pointe Saint-Charles, donates unsold pastries and fresh bread to us every week. This local partnership enables us to strengthen our impact in the South West.


Development of a partnership with Kettleman's Bagel

Kettleman's Bagel gives us fresh bagels every week, which we then distribute to the community.

December 2023

Urbania Media press release

Due to persistent inflation and the economic crisis, many food banks are currently facing a drop in donations and an increase in the number of people needing assistance. Our food bank has not been spared. Every week, we serve over 200 households.